Product Description

Specifically formulated for PVC shrink tubing, this white resin is highly resistant to ethanol and isopropanol. It prints well on black, clear, and silver synthetic substrates and offers superior smudge and scratch resistance as well as durability. This ribbon also contains our specially formulated backcoat technology for printhead protection.

Standard Colors


Recommended Applications

ApplicationIcon CH 100X100


ApplicationIcon CO 100X100


ApplicationIcon EL 100X100


ApplicationIcon FB 100X100

Food & Beverage

ApplicationIcon IL 100X100

Inventory & Logistics

ApplicationIcon RE 100X100


Product Features

FDA (indirect food contact)DNP Color Checkmarks Green
Halogen-freeDNP Color Checkmarks Green
Printhead ProtectionDNP Color Checkmarks Green
Proprietary BackcoatDNP Color Checkmarks Green
Scratch ResistantDNP Color Checkmarks Green
Smudge ResistantDNP Color Checkmarks Green
Solvent ResistantDNP Color Checkmarks Green

Last Updated: 06/15/2017