Product Description

Boasting printing speeds as high as 26 IPS (660mm per second) makes this ribbon the choice for high-speed flexible packaging applications. In addition to high performance, it exceeds the competition in abrasion resistance and is a viable solution for applications such as parts packaging, medical devices, cosmetics, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Designed with our standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect printheads and extend printhead life, this near edge resin also features edge definition to produce dark, dense images for improved scan rates.

Recommended Applications

ApplicationIcon FB 100X100

Food & Beverage

ApplicationIcon HB 100X100

Health & Beauty

ApplicationIcon PH 100X100


Product Features

Abrasion ResistantDNP Color Checkmarks Purple
Anti-staticDNP Color Checkmarks Purple
High-densityDNP Color Checkmarks Purple
High-speedDNP Color Checkmarks Purple
Printhead ProtectionDNP Color Checkmarks Purple
Proprietary BackcoatDNP Color Checkmarks Purple

Last Updated: 12/10/2019